If your oil tank is 20 years old or older it may be in danger of failing. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! AN OIL LEAK CAN BE VERY COSTLY AND A DANGER TO LOCAL WATER SUPPLY!!

We remove above ground tanks, including basement tanks, outside tanks and crawl space tanks SAFELY & EFFICIENTLY

All Waste and sludge removed and disposed of LEGALLY! Above ground oil tanks are pumped dry, cut up, and completely cleaned of all oil residue

If you store 1,100 gallons or less of heating oil in an underground tank, consider replacing it with a new tank. Homeowners and other small facilities that wish to abandon or remove their non-leaking tanks must take the following steps:

Obtain the services of an experienced contractor to abandon the old tank in place. Abandonment is the preferred method of dealing with old inground tanks, digging up an old tank can be costly and unnecessary.


1. The tank must be completely emptied of oil including any remaining residue/water. All lines to the tank are cut below grade and plugged. A hole is cut in the tank and sand, concrete slurry, or an approved foam product is used to fill the tank.

2. If you continue to heat with oil, install a new steel aboveground tank. The new tank is then connected to your heating system using all new materials.

Our services: basement oil tank removal; crawl space oil tank removal, outside oil tank removal, above ground oil tank removal

Hundreds of tank jobs successfully completed throughout Long Island